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Ed and I have been loyal listeners to SiriusXM The Highway for a very long time.  I hardly ever turn the dial to anything else!  The DJ’s on there are fantastic.  You have Storme Warren, Jessica Wade, Buzz Brainard, Al Skop, Betsy Spina and Kim Ashley.  Those DJs feel like family where we listen to them so much.  They all are great to interact with listeners via Twitter too.  We tweet them alot and Jessica and Betsy always tweet back and I’ve actually gotten tweets back from Storme, Al and Buzz, I think once.

Every Friday afternoon Buzz does the Music Row Happy Hour (please see the bottom of the post for MRHH reservation info) and we’ve heard it several Fridays as we’ve been out driving.  He lets guests come into the studio and he talks to them and tells things going on in Nashville.  Last weekend Ed and I decided to getaway for the weekend and Buzz talked us into heading to Nashville for our destination!

CMA Fest day 1 2012-06-06 003 The Highway broadcasts from inside Bridgestone Arena (the part with all the blue windows) in Nashville, as well as studios in New York City. Last year during CMAFest we went to a Superfan concert that Parmalee was doing at the studio and it was awesome. After the concert we met and talked with John Marks for a little while.  He’s the programmer!  Super nice guy AFTER he realized we were only teasing about being upset they weren’t playing some new songs we wanted to hear.   We hope this year during CMAFest to get to go to another one, or two or three!

So last weekend we get to Nashville, parking was easy to find and we get inside Bridgestone a little after 4.  There was a line of about 20 people waiting to go up to the studio.  A real nice older gentleman had us sign a form and then a woman, who we later found out was Producer J came down and told us she’d be taking us up a few at a time.

We were in the last group to go up but that was okay.  It worked out for us because we got to stay in there I think longer than the other groups did.  They first put us in a “holding room” and Buzz came out and said he was going to the bathroom but would be right back and what do you know he sounded just like he does on the radio. So I guess I was a little star struck with Buzz!!

NashvilleGetawayTheHwy 2014-04-11 005 His bathroom break was over and we got to go in the studio.  It was just a relaxed thing, like sitting around talking with friends.  We met and chatted with some nice people from Denver and there were some Canadians in there.

While music was playing Buzz told some funny stories, answered any questions and told us a little bit of what goes on in the studio.  He recognized who we were once we mentioned us tweeting quite often, especially about a show he does called “On the Horizon”.

NashvilleGetawayTheHwy 2014-04-11 009 It was a lot of fun getting to see where the magic of The Highway happens.  We bumped into Producer J getting off the elevator as we were leaving and we asked if that was who she was.  When you tweet just to @SXMTheHighway, Producer J is actually the one who responds.  We introduced ourselves and she knew us too from our tweets.  She took the time out of her busy day and talked to us for probably 20 minutes about artists and music.  We told her a little bit about how we got started with this music obsession.  She was so friendly, nice and great to talk with.  If you are ever in Nashville and you listen to The Highway, go by the studios and see if anything is going on to where you can take a tour.  Everyone working there is so friendly!

Last year during CMAFest The Highway had a “Highway Finds” stage and an acoustic “On the Horizon” stage set up in front of Hard Rock.  We got there early and stayed there most of the day without moving from our spot.  It was one of the best events at CMAFest in my opinion.  It was to showcase artists who were basically only being played on The Highway. Such artists as Cole Swindell, Chase Rice, Tyler Farr, Parmalee who were first played on The Highway.

We are hopeful they will have this stage set up again this year during CMAFest.  We love listening to Highway Finds and On the Horizon.  As Producer J told us we have very strong opinions about what they play.  We never get angry though, just give our opinions.

There are a few that come to mind that we would love to see on this stage if they do it this year.  Here are a few of our suggestions:

Chris Janson – he was there last year, first time we ever saw him, loved him and have gone to see him a couple times since.  Very entertaining.

Rachele Lynae – Saw her on this stage last year but she hasn’t seemed to do much since then and she has a new song being played On the Horizon that is pretty good.

Leah Turner – Take the Keys, her first single last year, got some terrestrial airplay and she has a new EP out now.  

Payton Rae – I’m so glad the Highway works to feature new female artists. I am the first to admit I don’t always like the gals as much as the guys, but first time I heard “Gone Girl”, I was blown away. She really rocks it and I hope we see more of girls like her in Nashville.

Dylan Scott – Really like his single that The Highway has been playing and it seems to be doing well on Itunes. We heard a few of his songs while he took over on the countdown for Storme a few weeks ago.

Ryan Kinder – I think I want to see him more than I want to see anyone else.  The first time I heard “Kiss Me When I’m Down”, I came right home and bought the single.  His voice gives me chills and I would love to see him on the Highway stage to see what some of his other songs sounds like.

Outshyne – The Highway has been playing Moonlight Crush for a few months and finally has moved from On The Horizon to being played regularly. Great melody and vocal harmonies.

Old Dominion – They caused quite the controversy with “Dirt On a Road” on the Highways facebook page and Twitter.  I love the song and hey, the controversy definitely got them noticed and the song played, so not a bad thing.  Would love to hear some of their other songs.

Tim Dugger – His song on the Highway is about NASCAR and even got a plug from Danica Patrick, what’s more country than that.

Jamie Lynn Spears – Her voice is amazing, puts her more famous sister to shame. We are glad she is country and making her own music and hope more people give her a listen.

Lindsay Ell – A Canadian artist who got good exposure on the recently completed The Band Perry tour.

Erik Dylan – He has to be one of the more active guys on social media, always responds when you tweet him and has gone on and chatted on the Highway’s FB wall. Where the Party At is such a fun and current song and the others we have heard he has got a great sound and lyrical sensibility.

Adam Craig Band – Already knew him for his songwriting for a Parmalee song, but glad to hear him cut his own music. Ed wasn’t crazy about at first, but the more we hear it, the more we like “Little Bit More of You”.

Glen Templeton – Who doesn’t love the opening lyric “Baby Got Her Ball Cap On….”  There is something about this song that just makes you want to turn the radio up and sing at the top of your lungs.  We saw Glen about 3 years ago and thought he was really good then but after that didn’t hear much out of him until the Highway started playing “Ball Cap”.

Clare Dunn – We saw Clare in Indy opening up for Parmalee last November and we liked her so much we bought her EP.  Wow, were we happy when we heard, just recently, the Highway playing  “Get Out”.

John King Band – love “Tonight, Tonight” and think it would be great to hear more from them during CMAFest.

lastly, Parmalee – if not for The Highway, where would they be?  Maybe the same place they are now BUT I still think they owe a lot of their success to the Highway so they should play again on this stage just because!

These are just a few of the ones we would like to see on the Highway Finds/On the Horizon stage and there may be a few more that we have forgotten.  No matter who is there playing we will definitely be there listening!

If you don’t have SiriusXM The Highway, you need to get a subscription.  If you do have it then listen, listen, listen to all the greatest new music, and a lot of it you won’t hear anywhere else!


***** SUMMER 2016 Update *****

Currently, Music Row Happy Hour is at Margaritaville from 4-7 CT on Fridays, no reservation needed, open to everyone, stop in and say hi to Buzz and they also have guests occasionally.




So many of you end up here to get information about visiting the studio and seeing Buzz Brainard and Producer J on Friday afternoons for the Music Row Happy Hour. We have been twice now and is always fun (and you never know who might be there), so here is some info on reservations/hopeful line from Producer J herself.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.47.53 PM


Additional MRHH Info April, 2015


47 thoughts on “Nothing Like SiriusXM The Highway

  1. Love love your station! There is this group that I absolutely love and listen to your station mainly to hope to hear them sing but have loved many others too. The Locash Cowboys music and personalities and stage presence and performance area amazing. Why this group has not yet reached the top is beyond me. So thank you for playing them and others. You all r the best!

    1. Cathy,
      We aren’t associated with Sirius, but thanks for reading our blog.

      We think LoCash are great too, and probably deserve to be bigger than a Highway Find, but glad they getting played. We saw them last year in Owensboro and have a fun stage show and hope they only get bigger.

  2. My best friend and I are coming to Nashville next week. We’ve heard that every friday between 5-6 pm there is Happy Hour at the station. Is this true?!

  3. I clicked on the link you posted above. The date for this Friday is not on there. Is there no happy hour this Friday or is it full for reservations? And if the reservations are full do you still let others in on a first come first serve?

    1. I’m asking about the next 2 weeks.

      They do take first come/first serve and Buzz has said they try to get everyone in, but get there early and expect to wait and there is no guarantee, depending on what’s going on.


  4. I have tried the link above and it shows closed. How early can I make a reservation? We are looking at Feb 27. 10 people coming from Battle Creek MI. Please advise. Thank you

  5. We are coming to Nashville bringing my mother to celebrate her 80th birthday! She is a trip and is sooo looking forward to seeing the sights of Nashville! We plan to be at Music Row Happy Hour on March 20th! Any advice on how to get tickets to see Buzz and hang out with him would be greatly appreciated!

    1. More than likely the February dates have been filled and they haven’t posted March yet. You can check back, or almost everyone who stands in hopeful line gets in. Here is info and I have also edited the original post.
      1. Reservations for January Music Row Happy Hour are full, although sometimes people cancel so it’s worth checking back. The link is posted at
      2. If you can’t get a reservation, we run a standby line from 2:30-4:30. Just come to the Visitor’s Center. If you’re in line by 4:30 we’ll get you in, just be prepared to wait.
      3. Not here on Friday? Come see Storme in the morning! Come to the VC between 8-10am CT and ask them to call up to Producer Britt. (We kindly ask that you don’t do both shows in order to give more listeners the opportunity).

  6. We are coming in aug the 13th and 14th
    The 4 of us are big highway fans and would love 4 tickets to the happy hour

    Thank you your cold northern canadians

  7. Coming to nashville for first time, would love to tour the studio. We will be in town Wednesday thru Friday am next week. Any thoughts or suggestions? Love love your station ♥️

    1. Sorry we missed this, hope you were able to stop by the studio in the morning with Storme and Brit or on Fridays with Buzz Brainard (this week they even opened on Thursday for the Kenny Chesney show).

  8. My aunt who almost died last year (misdiagnosed) her daughter & I are off to ELVIS LAND and coming to Nashville for two nights. What nice hotel in short walking distance from the best bars/music would you recommend??? I m a HUGE country music fan & so excited to STAY in NASHVILLE. We will b arriving 4/19 or 20. Had hoped to do Friday Happy Hour with Buzz but a doc appt. Ranks first. (Back to Ohio) 🙁

    1. Sorry late to respond. The hotels downtown are all nice, but can be pricey. We often stay in the Holiday Inn Express, it is 2 blocks from Bridgestone, but nice and staff is great, and often cheaper than the others.
      We don’t do a ton of bar hopping, but The Stage has good acts and Tootsie’s has a cool rooftop bar. You have to go to each to see who is playing, but they are easy to wander in, our only warning is that it seems almost every night Lower Broadway is packed, so just know that.
      If you can’t go to the studio for Music Row Happy Hour on Fridays, if Storme is in town he is there in the mornings, but I think most of this week he is in Portland for Garth’s tour, so not sure if he around.
      Have fun!

    1. Looks like all the reservations are full for April, based on the link here, but IF they are in the studio on Friday, you can get in hopeful line at 3 PM CT on Fridays down stairs at Nashville welcome center in Bridgestone Arena. Storme is in Portland this week and don’t know if he will be back by Friday, but if he is, they open up in the mornings too, 8-10 AM CT.

    1. Would like reservations for 3 for friday, may 22nd. Sister and husband are huge fans!! Really wanting to come to happy hour while here. Thank you!!!

  9. I am coming to Nashville August 14th. When and how can I try to get a reservation for (5) tickets to Friday’s, Music Row Happy Hour with Buzz Brainard?

  10. howdy! do you at what time the reservations will me made available online for the following month? i have been refreshing it all morning. thanks.

  11. My wife and daughter have been taking girls only trips for over 10 years. Huge country music fans and love your show. This year is Nashville (2nd trip). Would love to see the Happy Hour show on July 31, 2015. Can you help me with 2 tickets for them? Thank you!

  12. I LOVE your show! The “girls” (there are 6 of us) are celebrating a new chapter in our life book by turning “60” and WE would really like to begin our weekend celebration by coming to the “Music Row Happy Hour”!! Could you please help me cross off a “to do” on my bucket list!! How do we get 6 tickets for the September 4th 2015 show? Thank you for any help you can provide!!!!

  13. My bestie is a huge fan and her hubby is surprising her for her 50th bday
    w a girls trip to Nashville this weekend! Any chance of getting tixs to this happy hour?!!

  14. Hi, I am interested in getting tickets to the Happy Hour at the Bridgestone Arena on Friday afternoon, July 17. I am a Sirius/XM subscriber. Can you tell me what I need to do?

  15. I LOVE your show! The “gang” (there are 6 of us) are celebrating new chapters in our life book by turning “60” and “65” and celebrating a “43rd” wedding anniversary. WE would really like to begin our weekend celebration by coming to the “Music Row Happy Hour”!! Could you please help me cross off a “to do” on my bucket list!! How do we get 6 tickets for the December 4th 2015 show? Thank you for any help you can provide!!!!

  16. I Love listening to The Highway especially the Music Row Happy Hour. So The Giddy Up Girls (there are six of us-one who is Canadian!!!)are panning a trip for my daughters 30th Birthday we will be there March 17th-21st 2016. We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to come to the show! How do I make reservations???? We are from Iowa and we all love to have fun & this would be right up our alley!!!! Thanks cant wait till March!!!

  17. Really would love to go on the music row happy hour in February and can’t find the reservation page. Can some one help me? Want to go on the 5th

  18. Visiting the city for the first time and surprising a friend who moved there years ago to pursue a career as a chef. Love your song choices and radio personality. Would absolutely love to tour the studio while I’m out there!! Will be there from May 4-7th. Cheers!

    Greg from jersey

  19. Thanks for writing this! We are artist fro The Voice, Team Blake hoping to get our new single on the #highwayfind or #onthe horizon. We thought we’d try to visit and take them our music. We’ve been tweeting them. Our single just came out June 1st, 2 days ago. We sure appreciate the info!!!! If you get a chance, please let us know what you think of our new single, Red White & Blue Girls. You’ll find it on all online stores, Spotify, etc. and can also hear it on our website at We’re gonna try to get on that reservation lost. Hope to meet you at CMA Fest.

  20. I’ve been looking to see where you can make reservations for the happy hour and every link that is provided here or on FB don’t work. I’ve gone to their website and it shows the happy hour, but there isn’t a link to check availability. I’ve sent them an email a week ago, but no response. Any suggestions on what I need to do? Thanks!

    1. Currently, Music Row Happy Hour is at Margaritaville from 4-7 CT on Fridays, no reservation needed, open to everyone, stop in and say hi to Buzz and they also have guests occasionally.

    1. Currently, Music Row Happy Hour is at Margaritaville from 4-7 CT on Fridays, no reservation needed, open to everyone, stop in and say hi to Buzz and they also have guests occasionally.

  21. I’m coming to Nashville in April and would like to make reservations for MRHH for 4/21/17. Can you help me how to make that happen?

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