Morning with Storme, Brit and LoCash

What would a trip to Nashville be without a stop by the SiriusXM The Highway studios to see some of our favorite DJs? It would be horrible!!  We always have to stop by for a visit and to say hello.

On our recent trip to Nashville to go to a Predators hockey game (my first hockey game) we planned on going  to The Highway studios to Storme’s morning show, something we’d never done.  We usually go on Friday afternoon’s to the Music Row Happy Hour with Buzz, which is always a lot of fun.

On Wednesday morning, March 25th we got downtown to the visitors center in front of Bridgestone Arena around 9:00.  The streets had very few people on them and there wasn’t anyone else in the visitors center besides us.  The nice employees asked if they could help us and we told them we were hoping to go up to Storme’s show at The Highway.  They said they’d call up there and get someone down to get us. (If you decide to go the Visitors Center opens at 8 AM CT and you can go up to the studio if they in town from approximately 8 AM – 10 AM CT, you can tweet Producer Britt if you have questions.)

20150325_092711We had heard on the radio on the way over that LoCash were in “The Nook” performing so we were very hopeful  they would still be20150325_092738 there when we got to go up.  We waited for about 25 minutes, a couple ladies showed up also to go up to the show so the four of us patiently waited for someone to come get us.  About 9:25, Intern Jamie, appeared off the elevator to take us upstairs.

Once we were upstairs we saw that LoCash was indeed, still in the studio.  There was another family from Alabama in there along with Storme’s morning partner in crime, Brit.  It was a bit crowded in there but we made it work.

LoCash had performed their current single “I Love This Life”, a new song, “Shipwrecked” before we got in there, but we were listening on our phone app to them and they sounded great.  We got to be in there while they performed a cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain”.  They did a great job.  Chris nailed it!  It’s always fun and interesting to hear Storme talk to the artists and he always pulls good stories out of them.  They had a Chris Young song playing and Chris Lucas shared that he had taught Chris Young how to break dance back in the day……hmmmm.

We have seen LoCash perform on a couple different occasions20150325_093901-1 but had never met them.  Preston and Chris were super nice.20150325_093458  They chatted with everyone, took pics, handed out a CD with the new single “I Love This Life” on it, and signed autographs.  They had brought donuts from Dunkin Donuts and a couple bottles of wine.  We learned that Chris and Preston are the owners of their own wine label,  Shipwrecked Wines, in partnership with Stonum Vineyards in Lodi, CA.  After their performance, Chris passed out the donuts and wine and then they along with Storme proceeded to “dunk” their donuts into their cups of wine.  They said it was good.  We will take their word on that.

Soon LoCash left, along with the other visitors and we were the last ones in the studio.  Since Storme’s pick for the NCAA, Baylor, went out in the first round we decided to take him a UK shirt and make him a member of Big Blue Nation so he could cheer for a winning team!  We gave the shirt to him, took a pic, chatted for a few minutes and then we were out the door so some more people could come in. 20150325_095847 It was great seeing Storme, Brit and Intern Jamie.  We missed seeing Producer J, but someone has to work while everyone else is having fun….. she was busy over at the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, where the Oak Ridge Boys were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

If you are ever in Nashville early in the morning (8 a.m. to 10 a.m.) and want to see what it’s like in the studio with Storme and Brit, just go to the Visitors Center and tell someone that you’d like to go up to The Highway studios and they will assist you from there.  It’s always a lot of fun and very interesting to see “inside the radio” and all of The Highway DJ’s and staff are super friendly!

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