The Highway “Format” Change

20150325_095847.jpgStacy and I, being the crazy Highway listeners we are, both are on the Highway Patrol that they send user surveys to help pick the Hot 45 Countdown and the play list for the station. The last 2 surveys we got they asked at the end if we would like “More Older Hits by Today’s Big Artists”, “More Songs by Unknown Artists” (like Highway Finds) or do they play the right mix? I picked more unknown and Stacy said right mix, but based on the last 3 weeks’ playlist on the station LOTS of people must have picked the play more older songs by today’s big artists option.

We have discussed it lots between us and so wanted to post our thoughts on the “format” change, or at least the playlist change. We think it is great. I think brings tons more variety, while still giving lots of new stuff a chance. I know with radio they say people like to hear what they can sing along to, so the audience probably likes it; but I also think it gives the DJ’s a lot more freedom to spin a more interesting mix. So you end up with Chase Rice’s new racy song “Ride”, along side Miranda’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” or some older Luke Bryan like “All My Friends Say”, next to Canaan Smith’s “Love You Like That.”

While I am the one who wants lots more new people, it had gotten to a point where it was like the Hot 45 repeated every 3 or 4 hours, kinda like it is on Hits One, and that meant that really good songs, like Eric and Keith’s “Raise ‘Em Up” got driven into the ground every few hours to where we hated a song we love.

I am sure, based on the feedback I see on the Highway’s FaceBook page, they will get different opinions, but I love that again there is a real sense of community and that we have a part in what they play. We also will say we agree with the people on FB, the Haley Georgia song is #Ridiculous but not in a good way!

Let us know your thoughts!

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