Bret Michaels Superfan Concert

Ed and I rolled into Nashville today for CMAFest 2015 around 3:00.  Checked into our hotel and then made our way over to Bridgestone Arena to the SiriusXM The Highway studios.  We had been lucky enough to get into the Bret Michaels Superfan Concert at 5:30.

When we arrived there weren’t but 5 or 6 people there ahead of us.  We hung out for a bit and more people started coming in.  Soon the line grew longer and some of the SiriusXM staff came and checked us in and handed us our cool guest passes.  Producer J (Joyce) came and said hello between going back and forth upstairs getting everything organized.

About 5:30 Producer J came and got us and took us up to the 2nd floor to where the concert was going to be held.  Buzz Brainard was already in there so we figured out he was the DJ for the show.

SiriusXMBretMichaels 004When everyone was in and seated Producer J went over some rules (silence cell phones, no flash photography, no videoing) and then she turned the show over to Buzz who introduced Bret!

I’ve loved Bret Michaels from way back when he was with Poison.  “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” was one of my all time favorite songs for such a long time.  I even watched his reality show “Rock of Love” just because it was him. Loved the season of “Nashville Star” that he was a judge on  so to be this close to him in the studios, to say the least I was a tad bit star struck.

He immediately came in said hello to everyone and went right into Poison’s 1988 hit “Your Mama Don’t Dance”.  He and his band sounded amazing! He had everyone to clap and he really wanted everyone to get into the song.  His next song was another Poison song “Something to Believe In”.  He said when he wrote this song a lot of bad things had happened in his life and he dealt with it by writing this song.  He said music is very therapeutic.

Back in May Bret released a new album True Grit.  He is now taking aim at the country format with the single “Girls on Bars”.  He was in The Highway studios a few weeks ago with Storme and debut the song and it was great!  He said today that he wanted a fun summer song and he was talking to Luke Laird and this song came from that.  He performed “Girls on Bars” and it sounded awesome live.

He also told a story that on True Grit, Loretta Lynn joins him on “Every Rose Has It’s Thorns”.  He said they recorded it on her ranch and she nailed it.  At thisSiriusXMBretMichaels 013 point Buzz said he would not try to do Loretta’s part but would he sing “Every Rose Has Its Thorns” and it was incredible.  It was the coolest thing to sit there and watch/listen to him sing this song.  Listening to it, if it was released today for the first time it would be a country song.

He finished out the show with “Sweet Home Alabama” and he and his band rocked it!  He said True Grit is taking songs from the catalog of his past and remaking them and adding some new songs for the future.

In between songs a few people got to ask questions.  One was what current country artist would he like to possible do a song with.  He didn’t hesitate to say Kenny Chesney.  He said they are friends and he thinks they could do a great song together.  Someone else asked what the difference was between rock fans and country fans.  He said there’s not. He said they are all loyal fans. He talked about how the artists just love good music and they don’t segregate by genre, his party tape (yea, he laughed how old he sounded talking about a cassette tape) might have AC/DC, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith or Kiss, if it was good music they liked it.  Another question asked what made him want to give country a try.  He said his dad played pedal steel and he learned to play harmonica.  He grew up listening to country and he’s always been around it.

With all of the health issues that Bret had back in 2010, one of the audience questions was how was he now health-wise.  He said he’s feeling great.  Being diabetic he takes care of that and knows what he has to do, but otherwise he is having no health problems.  Good to hear!

SiriusXMBretMichaels 008Buzz decided at the beginning of the show that he needed a bandana around his head like Bret wears, so Bret did the “patented Bret Michaels Diamond Fold” and put it on Buzz’s head.  Was hilarious.  At the end of the show Buzz had to get a selfie with Bret to show he had on a bandana.

Bret’s band was awesome.  There were 4 on stage with him.  Was funny we said his band wasn’t as tatted up as a lot of the artists and bands today (FGL), so they were less “rock” as rockers.  The band was so nice.  After the show when Bret left to go get ready for our meet and greet his band was talking with everyone and was just so friendly.

When it was time for the meet and greet we were called out by rows.  Producer J told us he wouldn’t be signing because he needed to be somewhere so he was in a hurry and we needed to keep the line moving.  When we got out there we seen though that he was a talker, just like he had been during the show.  He was chatting with everyone like he had all the time in the world.  When it was our turn he gave us both a hug and asked if we enjoyed the show.  I could barely speak.   The Highway’s photographer took our photo and we were going to move along but Bret saw that Ed had on a Brantley Gilbert shirt and asked which tour it was….Ed had a hard time speaking too….it was the Let It Ride tour.  Bret said he really likes Brantley, he’s a great guy.  He then shook Ed’s hand and thanked us for coming again.  He gave me another hug and kissed me on the cheek.  I was in shock.  When we got on the elevator I told Ed I was never washing my cheek again!

I’m so glad that we listen to a radio station like The Highway that is so fan friendly and does things like this to keep fans involved and I’m so glad we were able to be included in this Superfan concert. On Thursday we get to go back for the Brothers Osborne Superfan Concert so be sure and look for our blog for that one as well.

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  1. Hey Bret love your band and you and your music l was wondering when are you planning to have your our ch on Sirius Radio and let me know when you are playing in Boston ma

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