Red Dirt County Fair with Thousand Horses

Oops, we forgot to post this so now two weeks after show.

Thousand Horses drumheadOn a whim we decided to get in the Jeep and take a 7 hour trip to South Georgia to see one of Stacy’s favorite bands, A Thousand Horses at the Columbia County Fair in Grovetown, Georgia. Grovetown is just outside Augusta and we went through North and South Carolina and had the misfortune of getting rained on the whole time and hitting traffic, so we pulled in to the 8 PM show about 15 minutes late (and way too late for the meet and greet the guys were nice enough to tweet us).

The fair parking was well marked, but we were glad we had our Rubicon for the muddy, rutted, red dirt parking. We got right in the gate, and they had a nice building with some of their sponsor exhibited as you got inside the gate. It was easy to tell where the show was and we got there about 4 songs in.

Thousand Horses StageThere was a smallish crowd standing in the field, but bleachers rung it so there we more there, but still I don’t think there was 1,000 people there total. The stage was small and with the full band plus the three background singers, they were squeezed in on stage. However, Michael Hobby and the guys put on the same high energy song, doing basically all the songs off Southernality.

Thousand Horse Michael Hobby

You could tell the crowd only really knew the two radio singles, this year’s #1 “Smoke” and the current track “Drunk Dial,” but the crowd still seemed to be having fun. Some of them floated away when they went off stage after about an hour and came back and did the Black Crowe’s “Hard to Handle.” Them doing the Black Crowes is perfect, because it really shows the kind of sound they are trying to achieve and it is something very different than what is on current radio.


So we ended up driving 7+ hours for a 45 minute show, but was great to see A Thousand Horses as a headliner before they head out in 2016 as opener for Jason Aldean’s “We Were Here Tour” across America. If you haven’t gotten Southernality, go pick it up, probably one of our favorites of 2015; and catch Big Machine Label’s Thousand Horses on the road.

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