SiriusXM The Highway Artist Confidential with Florida Georgia Line

Our Tuesday morning found us being one of the lucky ones that was in attendance for the SiriusXM The Highway Artist Confidential with Florida Georgia Line.

FGLArtistConfidential 011We got to the studios at Bridgestone Arena about 10:15.  There were only two people in line so we stepped in behind them.  Slowly the line got longer and close to 11:30 a Sirius employee started checking us in and giving us our lanyards.  Close to noon they began to take us up to the Highway theatre.

We got seats on the front row.  We were literally maybe 4 feet away from BK and Tyler.  The show was going to be live broadcast on the Highway, so that was very cool.  Storme Warren was the host of the show and he introduced BK and Tyler to us all as everyone screamed and cheered.

20160607_120229The first thing I noticed was BK’s boots.  They were the coolest boots ever.  I want to get my husband a pair for our anniversary so after the show I tweeted BK and Tribe Kelley but I haven’t found out yet where they are from.

The setlist included “Round Here”, “Anything Goes”, “This Is How We Roll”, “H.O.L.Y”, “Sun Daze” and of course, “Cruise”.

Between songs, Storme asked the guys some questions and chatted.  We learned that they are in theFGLArtistConfidential 005 process of developing a walk app for Nashville, they have bought some property on Music Row that they plan on restoring and that having “little tikes” is a ways down the road because the buses are too full with their dogs.

It’s no secret that FGL have their haters.  Storme asked how they deal with negativity.  BK basically said they just ignore it, focus on the positive and keep doing what they are doing.

They discussed their relationship being a duo.  They are best friends, business partners, they write together.  Tyler said as cheesy as it sounds, since they are joined at the hip, communication is what makes this duo work.   They gave credit for making good business decisions to advice they received from their dads.   The guys light up when they talk about their wives (Hayley Hubbard and Brittany Kelley) and how thankful they are for their support.

Their new CD, Dig Your Roots, is set to be released in August.  The first single from that CD was released in April, “H.O.L.Y”.  BK and Tyler said when their manager first told them to listen to it, they didn’t think there was a place on this CD for it but a few days later Tyler called BK and asked if he’d been listening to it and he said yes!  They decided this was THE song.

Storme brought up that alot of people have complained that the song is blasphemous.  They said people are thinking about it too much.  It’s a love song.  The acronym H.O.L.Y stands for High On Loving You.  BK said it took him a bit to figure that out.  Before they got the lyric sheet he thought it was Hi (like hello) I’ll Be Loving You.  Then when they got the lyric sheet they saw what it was.

As BK and Tyler talked about this song, even though they didn’t write it, you could tell how much it means to them.  BK said the Gods were looking down on that song the day it was written.  Tyler said everytime they sing it they go to church.   I love this song.  Hearing them do it live though, it sounded even better than on the radio.  Tyler’s voice on this song is absolutely amazing and gave me chills.

FGLArtistConfidential 006If you’ve been to a FGL show you know that BK is constantly dancing around.  Sitting in a chair was very hard on him especially while they were singing “Sun Daze”.  He kept dancing and I just knew he was going to fall out of the chair.  Luckily he didn’t.  It was funny though watching him, not sit still. (Even funnier was them calling out Storme to dance, BK called it the “Storme Warren”, someone else said the “Warren Wiggle”, suffice it to say white boy can’t dance LOL)

The Dig Your Roots tour started in May.  Openers are Cole Swindell, The Cadillac Three and Kane Brown. FGL said they are doing three more new songs from the CD at their shows, “Smooth”, “Dig Your Roots” and “Life Is A Honeymoon” so get your tickets and come see them.

When their set was over they did a meet and greet.  I told Tyler that H.O.L.Y was the best song ever.  He said “aww, thanks”.  As Ed walked over BK said he noticed him jammin’ out.  I’m not sure Ed replied, he was a bit star struck (he was under strict orders not to talk through the pic).   A photographer took our pics with them and then we were headed to the elevator.

Let the haters hate.  I love FGL and think they are great guys. We have tickets to see them in August and again in October.  I can’t wait.  Today just reminded me of how much I love their music.


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