Jeepin’ to West Virginia State Fair for Jake Owen and Old Dominion

Life has been busy so it’s taken me a bit to get to this blog but here goes.  Better late than never right?

On Friday, August 12th Ed and I headed through the mountains in our Jeep Rubicon, which hit 60k miles on this trip, to Fairlea, West Virginia to the State Fair of West Virginia to see Old Dominion and Jake Owen.  This would be our second time to the state fair in WV.  Last year we saw Clare Dunn, A Thousand Horses and Easton Corbin.

This state fair is more like a huge county fair than other state fairs we’ve been too, but nevertheless, we love going to it.  The fair sits right in the middle of Road 219.  The north and south bound lanes split and the fair is right in the middle.  It’s a crazy thing, but very cool.  Parking is easy to find.  There is a huge field on the south bound side for fair parking but we went on down, crossed over, headed back up the northbound side and found $5 parking at a little garage that was closed for the day.

They have really nice restrooms, very clean right after you enter the gate.  The grounds are also clean as are the food vendor booths/area.  Both years we were very impressed with the fair.

Gates opened at 7.  There were long lines to get in but the wait wasn’t long at all.  The people scanning tickets were fast.  No security check made the lines go quicker, however, I do wish they would add a security checkpoint going into either the fair itself or into the concert area.

We had general admission so we headed to the area in front of the stage.  There were already a lot of people there which we were fine with cause we didn’t want to crowd right up to the stage anyway.  It was good seeing that many already there for Old Dominion opening.

JakeOwen WVA 007About 8:00 Old Dominion came onstage.  We’ve been hearing these guys and going to their shows for a couple years now and I got to say, each time we see them, they get better and better.   They started the show with their single “Snapback”, the second single off of their CD Meat and Candy that was released in November, 2015. They rolled through 9 tracks off their CD during their 40 minute set.  Those 9 tracks included singles “Break Up with Him” and their current single “Song for Another Time”.

Old Dominion are a great opening act.  Very energetic, have a great way of getting and keeping the crowd into it even on songs that most of the crowd doesn’t know.  They are always fun to watch live.  The crowd really got into “Break Up With Him”.  Towards the end of “Song For Another Time” Matt and Brad actually got off the stage and walked out into the crowd (with no security).   It was great seeing Old Dominion Live again.   They just announced this morning the Meat and Candy tour for this fall so check it out for a date near you and go see these awesome guys!!!

Change over, we thought, would be quick but it was not.  Jake has quite the stage set up with a tiki bar on both sides and 6 very tall palm trees that are in 3 parts with lights wrapped around the trunks set up around the stage so it was almost 40 minutes between the Old Dominion and when Jake finally came on stage in all of his barefoot glory!

JakeOwen WVA 022He was dressed in a blue tshirt, jeans and bare feet. He came on stage to “American Love”, his current single off of his recently released CD of the same name.  When you are at a Jake Owen concert you definitely get your money’s worth and a sort of an eclectic mix.  You hear some of Jake’s older stuff, when he was much more country sounding like “Yeehaw” and “8 Second Ride” which the crowd loves.  Then you get the next version of Jake songs, which are even better, such as “The One That Got Away”, “Alone With You”, “Anywhere with You”, “Days of Gold” and “Beachin'”.   Then we get the songs from the long waited new CD that was just released this month which included, “American Love”, “VW Van”, and “American Country Love Song”.  Plus you get those covers you might never thought you’d hear Jake Owen sing like “Ring of Fire”.  I had no idea his voice went so deep, but he sounded great.

He told that in 2007 he went on tour opening for Alan Jackson and Brook and Dunn and every night he stood at the side hearing Alan Jackson do “Chattahoochee” and that’s what made him want to sing country music even more.  He did a cover of “Chattahoochee” and the crowd joined in.

He left the stage after “Beachin” and a lot of the crowd left.  I was surprised cause everyone should have known he’d be back out.  There was one very popular song he hadn’t done yet.   He did come back out and the first two songs of the encore were from the new CD, “Everybody Dies Young” and “If He Ain’t Going to Love You”.  The last song of the night we were shinin’ like lighters in the middle of a rock show!  Yep, “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” perfectly closed out Jake Owens show at the State Fair of West Virginia!

If you haven’t gotten your copy of American Love yet I suggest you do so…’s great!

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