Tuesday night at the Tennessee Valley Fair

On Tuesday, September 13th we made our yearly trek to Knoxville to the Tennessee Valley Fair.  Usually we end up staying the whole week and going to nightly shows but this year we were only able to go on this particular night to see Chris Janson.

We arrived about 6:00 and met up with our favorite Tn Valley Fair employee.  She had one meet and greet left so I let Ed use it to go meet Chris.   I’ll meet him some other time.  Jacob and I went on to find our seats.  As we do every year, we had awesome seats in the middle section, 4th row.  Our other favorite Tn Valley Fair employee, Bev was helping people find their seats.  She’s seen us so many times she knew that we knew where to go.

ChrisJansonTnValleyFair 003At 7:15  The Young Fables (Laurel Wright) took the stage.  So we first heard Laurel a few years ago at the fair.  We’ve always thought Laurel had a very Kacey Musgrave vibe about her and enjoyed her singing.  Probably over a year ago, Laurel went from solo artist to duo, with her boyfriend, Wes and the name of the band is The Young Fables.  As we sat there listening to them we were a bit confused as to why they are now a “duo” because Laurel took the lead on all the songs with Wes and the others singing behind her.  They still sounded great and we enjoyed the show.

Chris came out about 8:00 with a little “Back in my Drinking Days”.  We’ve seen Chris perform several times and one of my favorite things is his harmonica playing and I didn’t have to wait long for him to play it cause he did it at the end of this song.

ChrisJansonTnValleyFair 012Chris is so full of energy every time you see him, you can’t help but want to get up, sing and dance along.  He kept thanking everyone for coming out on a Tuesday night since the next day was a work and school day.  It was a pretty good crowd for a Tuesday night.

Chris did a new song called “Redneck Life”. He told the beautiful story behind “Holdin’ Her” of first seeing his wife, Kelly Lynn.  I’d heard the story before and it still made me tear up.  The way he tells the story, you can feel just how much he loves her and how much this song means to him.

He did a few songs that he’s very proud to have written, “I Love This Life” (LoCash),  “How I’ll Always Be” and “Truck Yeah” (Both sung by Tim McGraw)    I didn’t know he had written “How I’ll Always Be” so I learned something.    He told that he was the last artist to tour with Merle Haggard and he did Merle’s “Footlights”.   He did his ever popular “Buy Me a Boat” which everyone knew and sang very loudly too.  Assumed this would be his last song but he ended his show with “Ring of Fire” about 9:20.

It was another great show and we look forward to seeing Chris out with Luke Bryan on the Farm Tour.

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