The Devil Don’t Sleep in Evansville, Indiana

Thursday, February 23rd, Ed and I were on our way to Evansville, IN for the Devil Don’t Sleep tour with Brantley Gilbert.

20170223_170105For us, Murfreesboro to Evansville was a quick 3 hour trip.  We decided to grab some food before the show so I turned to Trip Advisor to find somewhere in Evansville that would fit our needs.  I came across a Bru Burger that was in an old Greyhound bus station.  Sounded cool so we decided to check it out.

Was easy to find downtown, parking was also readily available.  The building was very cool.  It still had the Greyhound sign outside along with Bru Burger.  We were seated immediately upstairs where there were two separate dining areas.  I got the bourbon glazed burger cooked medium well and it arrived to our table perfectly cooked and was very good.  We got an order of onion rings and fries to share.  Next time will be onion rings only.  They were great but a small side order.

BrantleyGilbertEvansvilleIndiana 001After we ate we headed on over to the Ford Center which was only like 3 minutes away.  We found parking, which was cheap, only $5.  Doors had opened just minutes before but there was no line at all. We got inside and found our seats with lots of time to spare.

We had been to the Ford Center a few years ago for a Luke Bryan show but we had pit tickets for that show.  For this show we had seats, so a big difference in our view of the show.

As for every Brantley tour, his buddy, Brian Davis opened the show starting at 7:00.  We’ve seen Brian open for Brantley several times.  He really tries to get the crowd pumped, and his songs are pretty good but he talks ALOT.   He did three or four songs and was finished by 7:15.

BrantleyGilbertEvansvilleIndiana 033The first “real” opener was Luke Combs.  He took the stage about 7:25.  This was our first time seeing Luke.  We were excited to see what his set would be like.  We first heard Luke when his single “Hurricane” started being played on SiriusXM The Highway a few months ago.  Now they are playing “She Got the Best of Me”, another great song.  We had bought the last two EP’s and had been listening to it and really liking what we heard.

His set didn’t disappoint.  He came out to one of my favorite songs on the EP “Can I Get an Outlaw”.  He was friendly and personable from the stage.  He told that his debut album will be out this summer (yay)!  He rolled through a few more of his songs, then he did the only cover of his set, a great version of Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey”.  He finished out his set with “Hurricane”.  Hope to catch more of Luke Combs around.

BrantleyGilbertEvansvilleIndiana 053Next up at 8:15 was Tucker Beathard.   Tucker is the son of famed Nashville songwriter Casey Beathard.   Tucker is the inspiration of Eric Church’s song “Homeboy”, co-written by Casey Beathard. Again our only exposure to Tucker was when The Highway started playing “Rock On” last spring/summer.  I immediately liked the song and Tucker’s smoky voice. Ed wasn’t a fan.

Our opinions didn’t change after Thursday night’s show.  Ed said all he could still see/hear was homeboy in baggy jeans.  Tucker did come out more like he was the lead in a rock band.  Music was loud with a lot of drum distortion and crunchy guitars.  I still liked it though and I really do like Tucker’s voice.  We had bought Tucker’s EP as well, so the songs he was singing were familiar.  His current single “Momma and Jesus” and “Rock On” were the most familiar to the crowd.  He ended his set with “Whiskey in a Wine Glass”, which I thought was a cool lyric, at 8:50.

BrantleyGilbertEvansvilleIndiana 065About 9:10, Brantley came on stage singing  “It’s About to get Dirty” from his newest CD The Devil Don’t Sleep. We’ve seen Brantley several times, obviously we are huge fans, so there are several blogs me telling how wonderful his shows are.  This one was no different.  He performed songs from every CD, something for everyone in the crowd.  He’s such a bad boy with his tattoos, chains and songs like “Take It Outside” but it’s so great to see that softer side of him with songs such as “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” and actually hear what an amazing voice he has.

He finished his set with “Bottoms Up” and ran off the stage.  A very few minutes passed and he was back out on stage with an encore of “Read Me My Rights” and then it was over about 10:30.

The Ford Center is a great place to see shows.  It’s a small-ish venue with comfy seats.  Our only complaint would be they don’t play the show out in the concourse and in the bathrooms the tvs had nothing on them.  So if you went to the bathroom or to get concessions you had no idea when the artists came on stage.

Was a great night of music.  Our next show is on Wednesday, March 1st in Nashville with LanCo and Ryan Kinder opening for them.

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