3rd & Lindsley with Ryan Kinder and LANco

LANco's Brandon Lancaster

[This blog is a month late, so will do my best to remember]

Ryan Kinder is one of our favorite artists we’ve heard over the years on SXM The Highway, but haven’t gotten to see him in a while, and so since he was opening for LANco at a show at 3rd and Lindsley we decided to go.

We’ve been in Nashville a year now, but this was our first time at this venue. Parking was pretty easy and the layout was ok. You walk towards stage and there are steps down to a half level lower and they had table set out along the side balcony and the bar level. The bar level had a good crowd when we got there about 30 minutes before the show, but the stage level wasn’t full at all.

Ryan KinderWe stood on the stage level, but back by the steps (which ended up being busy). A few more people came in and the tables were full before Ryan came on at 7. It was him and his bassist and drummer, but did have two backup singers, Kristen and Stephanie in his “Sass Squad”, which made the sound seem fuller.  He ran through a quick thirty minute set of almost all new songs, which hopefully will be on debut full album in 2017, including current single “Close.” Ryan is always fun and personable and his guitar playing alone worth going to a show. Let’s hope 2017 is huge for him!

The headliners for the show was the band LANco, originally Lancaster & Co. after lead singer Brandon Lancaster. Before the show they had an odd playlist on that included Kings of Leon. After hearing LANco I could definitely see the comparison some have made to Nashville’s King of Leon, as well as maybe some Lumineers. They are definitely country in the folk alt rock vein, not any traditional about them. They played probably the shortest headlining set ever of less than 50 minutes, mainly just ran through the songs on the current EP, including current single “American Love Story.”  The only song of theirs I’ve really liked was “Long Live Tonight.”

LANco's Brandon LancasterThe whole set felt so odd, Brandon’s stage presence was just erratic and the backup guitarist/keyboardist looked like he was making love to the keyboards (very distracting on the small stage). They are being pushed by their label this year, and we will see them again as they open for Jake Owen at Ascend, but I was very unimpressed.




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