Athens Foundry with Old Dominion

Our daughter recently had our first grandchild, and she said that during her pregnancy, she listened to A LOT of Old Dominion, so we said we would take her to see them for her first time. The closest show we could find was in Athens, GA at a venue we hadn’t been to before, the 440 Foundry at the Classic Center.

We stayed in Atlanta and made the oddly Interstate-free drive over to the home of the University of Georgia. Parking was cheap and very close to the Foundry, which seems to be about 2 blocks removed from the main Athens downtown area. From reading it is a multi-use facility, with shows, and other events, and even at times functioning as a ice rink. We walked past the VIP entrance, and went in the back about thirty minutes before show time. Crowd wasn’t too busy, they had nice concessions and nice porta-potties (relatively speaking).

Brandon LayBrandon Lay was the only opener. Had never heard of him, but he said he lives in Nashville and originally from Jackson, Tennessee. Played about forty minutes, working in covers of Tom Petty and Red Ragtop, along with original music. He had some inventive lyrics, talking about all he learned was from preachers and teachers; and did a good job keeping his set going as people filled in.

Not much change over between sets and Old Dominion was out. The sun had set and the covered pavilion had largely filled up. Stacy and I aren’t tall, but taking along our 5’2″ daughter really made us aware how tall the crowd around us was, so we tried to hang back so she could see. Had we know that VIP, was basically just a front general admission closer to stage, and the regular admission was just back general admission, we would have upgraded; will have to remember for next time.

They played for over an hour with a set pretty similar to the ones we’ve seen on headlining shows before. They have gotten better on stage each time. The had two new songs in set, the just released single “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” and “She Might Be Gone.” Best treat of the night was hearing them do “Dirt on a Road”, they don’t often do it live, and we had tweeted hoping it would be in set, since was first OD song they played on the Highway. Set was largely free of covers or songs they wrote and released by other artists, except for Kenny Chesney’s “Save it for a Rainy Day.”

Matthew RamseyAs always Matt and the guys did an excellent job. They have grow each show, and being out with some many big acts, esp. Kenny has really helped them. We are excited to have new music and hopefully a full album soon.  Other than not being able to see all the time, our daughter had a good time. Would definitely go back to Athens for another show there.

We’ve got lots of shows as we lead up to CMA Fest week in June, so stay tuned.

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