Good Company with Jake Owen at Ascend Amphitheatre

On Thursday, April 27th Jake Owen was headlining at Ascend Amphitheatre in Nashville.  We had bought tickets the day they went on sale.  This was the concert I was most excited about in our upcoming concerts just because Jake always puts on such a great show and we hadn’t seen him in awhile.

We got downtown early, so found parking easily.  We walked to Broadway and went to Rock Bottom Brewery to eat dinner.  Crowd was sparse even though there was lots going on in town that night.

Once we were finished with dinner we walked over to the park around Ascend.  We had never walked there so I was very impressed with how nice it is.  They have lots of benches, some with tables if you wanted to take your laptop.  They even had “front porch swings”.  We saw Jake’s trucks parked behind the amphitheathre and his bus as well.  Hard to miss it with that huge pink flamingo on the side of it.

Gates opened at 7:00 so we went around to them about 6:30 and there was hardly anyone there.  By 7:00 a few more people had walked up but not like at most shows.  Maybe they didn’t want to hear the first opener, I know I sure didn’t.

With quite a chill in the Nashville air we found our seats, they were great.  Just a few rows back from the stage.  Right at 7:30 the first opener, LanCo came on stage.  We had seen them at 3rd & Lindsley a few weeks ago.  We were not fans.  They come on stage with the first song we ever heard from them “Troublemaker”.  It’s a fun song, upbeat and I don’t mind it on the radio but I do not like to watch them live.  Their piano player, who also plays guitar and banjo is very disturbing to watch when he’s especially playing the piano.  It’s a small piano and he leans it back on it’s back legs and the piano is all beat up, easy to see why.

LanCo did five songs including their current single “Greatest Love Story”.  They told they have a full album coming out soon. They did the same thing at this show as they did when we saw them as headliners.  They jumped off stage with a drum and went out in the aisle and played a bit.  I thought it was a bit much for an opening set and the very few people that were there were not all that into their set but they didn’t ask my opinion. Their set lasted about thirty minutes.

At 8:25 the second opener, Eric Paslay, came out. Eric is one of those artists that I’d much rather hear live as on CD.  He typically just stands in one spot playing guitar but live he is still so much fun.  His personality is great and he can really get his songs rocking.   The audience really got into his set especially favorites like “Song About a Girl”, “She Don’t Love You”, “Even If it Breakes Your Heart”.

Eric even got a little bad ass when along with his black jacket, jeans and black hat he put on a pair of sunglasses and did some dancing while he sang “High Class”.  The audience really enjoyed that performance.  A very different Eric on stage, is this what he’s like off stage?  Hmmmmm.

Eric wished his wife a happy 2nd anniversary from the stage.   He finished out his 35 minute set with the always fun to sing along to “Friday Night”.

At 9:35,  the first few chords of “Beachin’” filled the air. With the stage all in tropical theming Jake appeared up on a riser and then ran down the steps to center stage.  He was attired in a white tee, jeans and of course, no shoes.  He looked great and sounded great.

He rolled through all of hits old and new from his very first single from 2006, “Yee-Haw” to his current single “Good Company”.  He has integrated the three guys playing horns into almost every song.  The last time we saw him they only played on a couple of songs.  They are awesome playing so I don’t blame him.

His set went by so fast that I was surprised it was over after he sang “The One That Got Away”.  However, there was an encore of course.  Jake came back out, picked up his guitar and did an amazing cover of Merle Haggard’s “Footlights”.  Next was “American Country Love Song” and last but certainly not least “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”.  Since Eric Paslay wrote this song, he came out and joined Jake singing it.  Was very cool.

At the end of the show there was fireworks as everyone was leaving.  Another great show by Jake!

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