Huntin’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Everyday in Nashville

On Friday, May 5th, Luke Bryan’s Huntin’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Everyday tour kicked off in Nashville at Bridgestone Arena.  When we got to the arena we were talking about how many times we’ve seen Luke, 18 to be exact, so we weren’t super excited for this show cause been there done that.  However, we were soon to be shown that his show’s are always exciting no matter how many times you see him.

We did notice that compared to most of the shows of Luke’s we’ve been to, this crowd in attendance was a much older crowd than what normally show up.  It used to be mostly 20 and 30 somethings.  This crowd was majority 40 and 50 somethings. Does that mean Luke is getting older? hmmmmm.

At 7:05 the first opener, Adam Craig, came out on stage.  Felt bad for him because there we tons of empty seats.  Maybe the Predators playing was keeping people places where they could be near a tv to watch the game. We had seen Adam briefly in 2014 on a small stage outside Nissan Stadium during CMAFest.  At that time he was known as The Adam Craig Band and I really liked them.  Back in September we saw him at the Carl Black Songwriter’s series and he’s just known now as Adam Craig.

Adam came out very excited to be opening for Luke.  He sounded great.  He did six songs including “Wastin’ Gas” that he wrote for Dallas Smith and he released.  He also did Gary Allan’s “Watchin’ Airplanes” and his current single which is a great song, “Just A Phase”.   His set ended about 7:30.

At 7:50 Brett Eldredge burst onto the stage singing a new song called “Superhero” that was great!  Hope we start hearing it on the radio. Brett ran around the stage singing all of his hits in his bluesy, sexy voice. My favorite song of his is “Wanna Be that Song”.  It must be a lot of people’s because when he started singing it people stood up and started swaying back and forth with their significant other.  He did a cool cover of “Drops of Jupiter”. He ended his 45 minute set with “Lose My Mind”.

Change over took awhile.  Not sure if being first night if they had some technical difficulties or what but finally at 9:15 Luke came on stage.  No grand entrance, the curtains dropped and he walked down the steps and was singing “Move” followed by “That’s My Kind of Night” and  “Kick the Dust Up.” During “Rain is a Good Thing” he took off his signature baseball cap and put on a Nashville Predators hat that someone in the pit threw up to him.  The hat was apparently too small and after the song he asked they guy just how small was his head!

Luke continued through his hits, including “Crash My Party,” “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” and “I See You” during which flames show up from the stage.  As he performed his recent No. 1 song “Fast”  images of Luke’s family including pictures of him with his children and wedding photos featuring his wife Caroline flashed on the screens.  It was kind of sad.

After singing a couple more of his biggest songs, including “Rollercoaster” and “All My Friends Say”, during which Luke tossed cans of beer from a cooler onstage into the crowd,  Luke sat down at a piano that had come up out of the stage.  His band sat down behind him for a more intimate setting. Together, they covered Alabama’s  “Mountain Music” and Barry Manilow’s “Caroline,” followed by Luke’s “Strip It Down” and “Drink a Beer”.

Next he said he had a special guest and he introduced Karen Fairchild from Little Big Town.  She came out to sing “Home Alone Tonight”.   It appeared she was going to leave the stage when Luke decided they should do a shot of tequila and he started singing “Girl Crush”.  I’m not sure if this was planned and Karen pretended to not know what was going on or if she actually didn’t know they were going to do this because she looked confused but they ended up singing “Girl Crush”.

Luke went back to the main stage to start the tours namesake, “Huntin’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Everyday.   He finished the night with “I Don’t Want this Night to End” and of course, “Country Girl Shake it for Me”.

It was a great show.  It felt more stripped down to us.  You got to see more of Luke, his personality and who he is .  It was so much better than the last couple few shows, more like when we first started seeing him.  After 18 shows, we had just as much fun at this show as we ever have.  He played for two hours so you definitely get your money’s worth.

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