ABC’s of TN Law

This is where the post for the first ever Highway Finds tour with Steve Moakler, Drew Baldridge, and Smithfield should be. Instead it is about the wonders of Tennessee law.

We got our tickets in January for the end of the tour at Cannery Ballroom in Nashville. Would have been first time seeing Steve Moakler and Smithfield.

We got to the venue, that I have been to before, 30 minutes before show time for an 18 and over show. Stacy wasn’t drinking and didn’t bring her license, so when we went to go in, bouncer wouldn’t let us in. After a long time waiting on a manager, they said we couldn’t go in. I’m like put an “X” on her hand and no problem. They said no, because if an ABC (Alcohol Beverage Commission) saw her with a drink they are liable.

Like seriously, they could be held liable for the actions of 500 people inside. It is an 18 and over show, so there would be people not drinking, didn’t see the issue. We’ve been to other bars in town and not had this problem.

The only upside is they did refund us our ticket, but still pretty much bullshit.

Lesson learned…in Tennessee always take your ID (even if it is the cheap, flimsy piece of plastic they issue).

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