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Kip Moore Music City Gives Back

Monday, June 5th was our kick off for CMAFest week.  It’s the week out of every year that we are so excited about.

Originally, Music City Gives Back was scheduled to be held on Tuesday night as it has in years past. However, with the Nashville Predators in the Stanley Cup Finals and had a game scheduled in Nashville for Monday night, so they moved MCGB to Monday starting at 1:00 and coined it the pre-game concert.

We arrived downtown with what we thought was plenty of time to find parking and get to the stage by 1:00 but we were wrong.  Parking was a mess. The lot we normally park in was already full.  Several other lots were full but we finally found a garage with vacancies and only $10, granted we had to go all the way to the open air parking on the 6th floor, but that was okay.

We got to the stage area too late for Cole Taylor, which Ed and I both were really bummed about.  We have heard Cole sing just a couple songs at last year and this years Georgia On My Mind show, so we were really excited to hear him do a few more songs, however parking screwed that up for us.

There were not many people at all in front of the stage.  It was a very overcast day with occasional sprinkles so maybe that kept people from coming out. Whatever reason, their loss and made it great for us watching.

Walker McGuireWalker McGuire was next on stage.  Now I was a bit confused.  I thought it was one person, so the confusion happened when two people walked out.  Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire = Walker McGuire.  Ed had played their single “Til Tomorrow” for me on Spotify and I liked it but that was all I knew about them.  I did some googling and found that they met at a writers round shortly after moving from Nashville.  Walker is from Texas and McGuire is from Kansas City.  They say opposites attract and on stage you can see they look very different but their sound blends together perfectly.  I hope to hear them again this week and maybe my favorite radio station SiriusXM The Highway will start playing them.

Next up was Brett Young.  We first heard Brett when SiriusXM The Highway started playing “Sleep Brett YoungWithout You”.  He had such a different voice and there was something about the way he said some of the words that really caught my attention.  He was different.  Since then they have played a couple more of his songs, “In Case You Didn’t Know” and “Mercy”.  We bought his album, which is great so we were really excited to see him live.  He didn’t disappoint.  Brett was awesome.  He came out wearing a Predators jersey and all of his band was in Preds gear.  He was talkative but not too chatty and very personable on stage.  Great performance.

Rodney AtkinsNext up was the host of Music City Gives Back, Rodney Atkins.  At this point a lot more people had gathered in so it made for a nice sing-a-long when Rodney went through all of his hit songs such as “Farmers Daughter”, “Watching You”, “Take a Back Road” and “Cleaning This Gun” to name a few.

After Rodney, Granger Smith, came out.  The only song I knew from Granger was “Granger SmithBackroad Song” that The Highway had played.  I really liked that song but this guy on stage singing didn’t sound anything like the guy who had sung “Backroad Song”.   I honestly was not a fan of Granger other than that one song.  He kept saying “Yee Yee” which is apparently his thing, his brand but it was annoying.  I guess he does this alter ego thing as Earl Dibbles, Jr……started awhile back with his brother and the video went viral.  Still not a fan but to each their own.

Finally we got to the main attraction for most I assume, considering how many people wasKip Moore now packed in.  At 5:00 Kip Moore came out.  We first saw Kip something like 7 years ago I believe.  He’s definitely come along way since then.  His current single “More Girls Like You”, I love it and can’t wait for an album to come out. He rolled through lots of his singles from previous albums and gave a great hour long performance.  He didn’t talk much at all which I thought was odd but maybe he just wanted more time for the music.

A new streaming service, TuneIn helped host the event and their Country Roads station broadcast it and is re-broadcasting this week so you might have a chance to catch it on air.

Check back often this week as we have shows almost every day and will try to blog as much as possible.


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