Whiskey Jam with A Thousand Horses

A Thousand Horses

Losers Bar in Nashville on Division Street host a Whiskey Jam every Monday Night and we’ve never gone!  Shame on us!  This week, being CMAFest week,  they did a Whiskey Jam on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night.  So we picked tonight (Wednesday) to go check it out.

We arrived about 5:30. Found parking easily in a pay lot right beside of the bar.  Beware all the parking around it is Premier Parking and it’s not cheap.  However, we paid it and headed into the bar.  Our ID’s were checked and we walked into an outdoor seating area, passed through it and into the parking lot behind the building where the stage was set up.  Other than employees I think we were 2 of 6 other people that were there.

By 6:00 when it was supposed to start there were still barely anyone outside and it didn’t start.  We went inside to find the bathrooms. Found them easily and they were pretty nice for bar bathrooms.  When we came back outside at 6:30 the first singer was on the stage.

Adley Stump who was on the second season of the Voice was the first to perform. It was a very small crowd but she came out with lots of energy and sounded really good.  She got to do four songs and she gave it all she had.  We had never heard her but we were impressed.

Next up was Stone Senate.  They were a group we had never heard of but as thStone Senateey took the stage they reminded me of Cadillac Three.  When they started singing they were better than Cadillac Three but were definitely in that same vein of Southern Rock.

Shawn Lacy BandShawn Lacy Band, who we had never heard of, was the next artist to perform.  Had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.  They were real chill.  The first song they did really reminded me of  Zac Brown Band.

Logan Mize was next up.  Logan MizeWe started hearing Logan a few years ago on SiriusXM The Highway when they started playing “Can’t Get Away From a Good Time” and we’ve tried to keep up with him.  He sounded great as he always does. Logan did a couple new songs, including last single “Ain’t Always Pretty,” along with a couple from ten years ago.

The emcee of the evening was Ward who was great.  He was very funny and kept it from getting really boring between change over.  Before the next artist, he went on and on about how good the next artist was and how much we all were going to become fans of his.  He introduced him, Christian Lopez, and when he walked out he definitely didn’t look like what I thought he would.

Christian said he’s from Martinsburg, WV and when he started singing there was no doubt you could hear the Appalachian folk sound in his music. I wasn’t a fan of his music but I will hand it to him, he brought the energy to the stage.

Brandon Ray got the next to the last spot.  We had never heard of him either so we didn’t know what to expect but when he started playing he was great.  He said he has his first single coming out in a few weeks called “Ends of the Earth”.

Brandon RayAfter Brandon, Ward came onstage and said it would be 7 minutes til A Thousand Horses.  He was wrong.  They were onstage setting up the mics and getting everything plugged in for ATH.  Finally Ward came out on stage and said that Midtown (where the bar is located) had been really cool this week with the late night noise but that the show had to be over and the parking lot cleared by 11:00. That seems really dumb, especially during CMAFest week in an area where there are lots of bars, but okay.  At this point they were only going to get about 40 minutes to play but they didn’t get to come out for another ten minutes or so.

A Thousand Horses

Finally at 10:30 A Thousand Horses came onstage to a new song, “Burn Like Willie”, off of their EP that was released last Friday, Bridges. After as long as it took all the people to set up the stage, the sound was horrible.  The mics were squealing and the sound was just not good.  I think it might have been because with all the people onstage with mics the sound was bouncing off of each other.  Oh well, didn’t matter.  I love ATH so it was fun to see/hear them as it had been awhile for us. They did “One Man Army” and their new single “Preachin’ to the Choir”, both from Bridges.  They also did “First Time”, “Drunk Dial” and ended their set with “Smoke” at 10:58.

Was a lot of fun and maybe we’ll go check out another Whiskey Jam in the future.


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