Brett Young Appalachian Fair Night 2

On Tuesday, August 22nd we were back at the Appalachian fair on a much cooler night than the previous night, to see Brett Young. By 7:30 we could tell there was going to be a much bigger crowd tonight than last night;  which was great for Brett.

At 8:00 the DJ from WXBQ announced Brett and he soon came on stage with one of my favorite songs, “Close Enough”,  off of his debut album released back in February.

Brett’s roots are in California, he lived in lots of cities growing up but has been living in Nashville for 3 1/2 years.  He told that the first week he was here he got to go to David Nail’s #1 party and it was nothing like what he expected.

After the opening song, Brett did some talking out on the end of the thrust, where he spent most of his time. His next song was “Left Side of Leaving” and then he did a cover of “Let’s Get It On”.  Ok, so I LOVE Brett’s voice.  I think it’s one of the best, most unique voices in country music however, I did not like this cover, but from the response from the audience lots of people did like it.

As I looked around most people were standing, singing and really enjoying Brett’s show.  He’s a great entertainer.  He took a stool out to the end of the thrust to sing “In Case You Didn’t Know”, which it seemed that everyone knew the words too.

During the middle of his set he did a cover of “Hallelujah”.  He sounded great doing it but seems like this year every concert we’ve gone to, we’ve heard a cover of this song.  I’m just over everyone doing it.  The only other negative from Brett’s show was how much he talked.  He talked a lot.  He had a story before every song.  At times I felt like we all were in relationship therapy.  I don’t mind a bit of talking but he talked A LOT!  By the end I definitely felt like we knew him personally….and the reason he’s single, he just falls in love too easily.


Brett kept rolling through songs from his self titled album as he walked up and down the thrust slapping hands with fans, taking selfies, reading signs that people were holding out in the crowd.  He did “Like I Love You” about 9:15 and just said “Thank you all” and left the stage.  Was abrupt and a bit weird.  A couple minutes passed and he came back out to do “Sleep Without You” for the encore.  He did about an 80 minute show that was excellent.  Can’t wait to see/hear Brett again.


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