Pickin’ on the Patio at Warner Music

A few days ago Ed found on social media where Frankie Ballard, Ryan Kinder and Hunter Hayes was going to be doing a small show at Warner Music on Tuesday the 19th.  I am a huge Frankie Ballard fan and he’s never around town so Ed knew this would be something I wouldn’t want to miss.

Apparently Warner Music has been doing their “Pickin’ on the Patio” series for 8 years.  The first show was back in May with a couple others over the summer. Unfortunately, we didn’t know about these shows until this last one.  Oh well, we will know to pay close attention next year.

We figured it was a lot like the BMI on the rooftop show we’d been to a few weeks ago.  We arrived right at 5:00 (when doors were supposed to open), found free parking in the parking garage attached to the Warner Music building and then we went to stand in line.  All you needed to get in was an ID saying you were over 21.  Finally at 5:20, they started checking ID’s and up the stairs we went.  Very pretty building.  We headed out on the patio and was a bit surprised at how small it was out there but it wasn’t crowded at all.  We found a spot to stand and waited.

At 6:00 John Esposito, Chairman and CEO of Warner Music came out on stage to introduce the “Gunslingers”, as he called them, that would be taking the stage that night.  When he was finished with his intro Ryan Kinder, Hunter Hayes and Frankie Ballard took the stage together.  Wasn’t expecting that but it ended up being very cool having the three of them on stage together.

Frankie appeared to be the emcee for the evening, saying they were going to each do two songs and a cover. They kicked it off with Frankie’s “Young and Crazy”.  They sounded great and those 3 can definitely play some bad ass guitar.  At the end of the first song Frankie said “I hope you ladies painted your toenails cause we are about to rock your socks off”.

Next was Ryan’s single “Close”.  I have loved Ryan since I first heard this unique voice coming through my speakers a few years ago singing “Kiss Me When I’m Down”, I still think he has one of the coolest, most unique sounds out there.  With that said, the last time we saw him and tonight he has two back up singers with him.  Don’t get me wrong, those girls have beautiful voices, but I just don’t think Ryan needs that to enhance his sound.  A big fan of Ryan, not the back up singers but regardless, Ryan sounded great as always.

Hunter Hayes performed his debut single from 2011, Storm Warning. Sounded great and having Frankie and Ryan back him up just made it sound that much better.

Frankie decided it was time to do his cover.  He said he picked a Chuck Berry song because Chuck was one of his Idols.  If you’ve ever seen Frankie in concert, know his style, you could see how Chuck Berry was his idol.  He started in on “No Particular Place to Go” and from the first words he sounded great doing this song!

Ryan’s cover was “Hard Work”.  Not sure I’d ever heard this song before but he sounded great along with Hunter and Frankie and especially the guitar help, as if he needed guitar help.  Next Hunter did “Amen” which I wasn’t familiar with.  I did some googling today and found out it was one of three songs he released last September for fans anticipating a fourth studio album.  The song is written about his girlfriend Libby Barnes.  It was a cool upbeat song with some “hallelujahs” thrown here and there.

Frankie said his next song he was doing was a request online from Sarah.  I don’t know who “Sarah” is but I’m so glad she requested “Good as Gold”.  The day Frankie’s CD “El Rio” came out in June 2016, I listened to it on repeat for months and “Good as Gold” was hands down my favorite song.  So…..I was thrilled to hear him sing it live and I recorded it so go take a listen to it here.

Last song for Ryan was his new single “Still Believe in Crazy Love“.  Frankie told him that after he heard it, it’s now his new favorite song.  The video for “Crazy Love” just dropped and pays tribute to one of the writers, Andrew Dorff, who passed away in December.

Hunter did his cover next of “Higher Ground” and the guitar playing between he and Ryan especially, was just crazy. For the last song they had John Esposito come back out and join them with his guitar to do Tom Petty’s ” I Won’t Back Down”.  When they put the mic in front of John, I’ll admit I was skeptical but he started singing and I was surprised and impressed.  He could sing and play.  You could tell he was having a great time with those three guys.  I think all four of them could have kept playing all night.  It was a great jam session for them.

It was over about 7:15.  Didn’t last long but that didn’t matter it was still a great night of music and really cool to see those three together, how different their styles are.

Monday September, 25th we are going to head to Losers Parking Lot for Whiskey Jam, with Hunter Hayes, LoCash, Devin Dawson, Brandon Ray and Everette.  Be sure and check back for a blog review on that next week.

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