4 Wheel Drive at Eddie’s Attic

The last couple months we haven’t gone to any concerts due to Ed getting a new job and that granddaughter of ours consuming a lot of our time.  However, a month or so ago we bought tickets to go see Jon Langston, Cole Taylor, Travis Denning and Jordan Rager (4 Wheel Drive) at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia for a songwriters round on Thursday, December 28th.

We headed to Georgia Thursday morning and checked into our hotel in Atlanta about 5:30.  With Atlanta traffic what should have been a short drive to Eddie’s turned into a much longer drive, finding parking was a bit difficult since we weren’t familiar with the area so we walked into Eddie’s right at 7:00, when the show started.  We walked through the doors and Eddie’s was very small  (only 160 tickets were sold), but the intimacy added to the singer/songwriter vibe that was cool.  There were tables and chairs that people had reserved and a bar that was also reserved seating.  They had some bleacher type seating on one side that was very small and I assume first come first serve so it was already full.  We were just standing out in the way of the servers walking by so I scooted myself back to right in front of the door.

A man, who we later found out has known Jon Langston since he was a kid, had the two empty reserved seats at the end of the bar and he told Ed we could sit there because the people they were for wasn’t coming.  So we ended up getting to sit down for the show which was nice.

Jon, Cole, Travis and Jordan took turns singing songs they’ve written and they each did a cover. It was a very cool show being so up close and personal and they all just talked and joked and if all else fails for Travis he can take his comedy routine on the road.  He was definitely the funniest of the 4.

Jordan promises new music for 2018.  He gave us a preview of a song he said will definitely be coming in 2018 called “One of the Good Ones“.  It sounded great.

All four of these guys are very talented, they sound great and hopefully only good things to come for them in the new year.  We really enjoyed the show and if they do this show next year we hope to be there.




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